Hotel Don Pedro


First impressions of the hotel is a really impressive entrance from the road, nice reception area, then it was downhill, Weather it was an off day, but the reception staff have no customer service, theirs your key, go away no welcome no paperwork about the hotel, where anything is, nothing, when asked where the restaurant is, answer find it that way, A poor start, I believe they expect you to be one of many who returns every few months and know your way around.

In the room still no information , Rooms are very basic compared to modern hotels, no hair dryer,  bathroom clean but old, TV old style a few channels in English and one plug for Electric, no fridge,air Conditioning good , as you need to put your  key in the slot to activate the electric, a handy tip is to use an old credit card or something that size and leave in the slot when you go out!! , to allow air conditioning to stay on, We used our E111 card worked a treat.
Now the room position we were in the dreaded 111   there are 3 rooms overlooking the bay 109, 110 and 111 beautiful view but you are above the kitchen and all the delivery vans and bin wagons at all hours come in, plus there is a bank of motors operating the coolers in the kitchens and the noise is awful , just think of sleeping in an engine room of a ship, goes on all night, so unless you are a heavy sleeper or snore you  may want to move, why did we not move ?, the views and the fire exit door leading to the pool is only 6 feet from your door, so you were in the pool area first each morning, this compensated for the noise.
Pool Area
2 pools , 1 large, 1 child plenty of sun beds surrounded by a wall pool opens at 10:00am by a gate on the road, but as I said normally opens at 9:15am and as mentioned we used the fire door at 9:00 to grab a spot before breakfast. The pool is away from the open bar so drinks need to be carried up the road in plastic glasses, so no bar service at the pool, There is a life guard on duty all day,
There are 2 bars but only one is used depending on the weather, so no matter where you are in the hotel you need to walk normally to the Terrance bar, one beer and plenty of local spirits, wine is collected from inside the restaurant.
Terrance area.
Are you an early riser, you need to be, watching people up at 7:00am putting towels out in the best spots, some there all day but not used, plus they are packed together, so you need to be friendly
Again no staff to greet new arrivals, it’s a case of asking someone for the format, grab a table, food buffet style, drinks if you want a beer, you guested it back out to the Terrance bar, wine on draught as well as coffees etc., plenty of choice, but it is a 3 star hotel so don’t except top cuts of meat apart from the 2 theme nights, when there is a roast on. Staff are helpful, always cleaning tables etc.
No brainer,  don’t expect top shows think of a Butlins team , never used the lounge but some people do enjoy it, it seemed there was nothing for young children so be aware, highlight of the evenings was people feeding a wild Goat!!!!
The hotel is in a prime spot for the views around the bay and just to chill out, but the hotel needs a complete refurbishment as it is dated, but as long as guests return this will not happen, Would I go back, possibly for a long weekend



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